Manar Moursi

Q House is a two-family house project on a 1000m squared plot of land in Kuwait. The main parti for the project involved a planometric choice to create "fingers in the landscape" on the ground floor plan allowing each room to have openings in 3 directions and a small outdoor garden attached to it -- this was intended to enhance views and circulation within the houses. The upper level plan would shade those gardens from the harsh heat of Kuwait. In section and elevation the bigger of the two houses slopes down from east to west and the opposite is true for the other house. This allowed a maximization of the section with a 3rd floor for servants who cohabit the space to have their own private quarters. The first floor includes a large patio that is screened using abstracted patterns derived from traditional "sadu weaving" patterns. These patterns are employed throughout the house for screens that allow light in while maintaining privacy.