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The prompt by Thyssen Krupps was to design a Disaster Relief Center in Istanbul. We thought of coexisting contrasts such as harsh and tender, rough and soft, noisy and quiet, threatening and protecting that exist in our environment to inspire our design work. Our proposal sought to exaggerate these contrasting feelings and textures in the space of our building.

The buildings levels were organized to relate to symbolically with the sectional feeling of “earth”, “air” and “sky.”Vertical and horizontal gaps interweaved through our design. Vertically, we separated the building base (Earth Level) from its top (Sky Level) to create the in-between space (Air Level). Horizontally, a set of corridors pierced through the depth of the Earth Level and arteries of plants and air were created. At the heart of the sky level also included punctures in the floor-plate to allow light and rain in. Therefore, while visitors might experience environmentally severe and harsh changes inside the experiential boxes, they will simultaneously experience more subtle changes of day-to-day weather while moving around the rooms on all levels.

This project was shortlisted for a Thyssen Krupp Elevator Award.

Project Team: Manar Moursi, Omar Rabie, Hesham Yusri, George Talaat, Hesham Sharara, Hady el Khouly, Rafik Adel, Omar Etman, Ahmed Abuhindia