Manar Moursi

To mark the launch of the book Sidewalk Salon, in an exhibition we co curated, presented in Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week, my co-author David Puig and I presented an installation consisting of a table and four recycled sidewalk chairs. These chairs were fixed on small planks that can be folded inward to create 1x1x1 meter box similar to a camping table unit that will be easy to travel as an exhibition.

On the table, the screens presented videos with stories from the sidewalks of Cairo and our interactive map platform with visual, sound and written material related to street chairs collected during our four year research to produce Sidewalk Salon. The book itself too, was present on the table. This way, the work – effectively a documentary– became a conversation piece.

This exhibition was presented in Dubai and Eindhoven.

To visit the map-based interface designed by Rana el-Gohary and Amr Draz go to:

To visit the videos made by Aida elKashef, Sarah and Salma Amir which include interview material collected for the project go to: (1).jpg