Manar Moursi

Off the Gireed - Assembly Instructions

Reflecting the spirit of Ikea, these drawings were to be distributed with each of the products to illustrate simple step-by-step DIY assembly instructions. The idea was to design the products in such a way so that they were modular, easily transformable to multiple products,as well as easily stored and packed so as not to consume much space.

Project Team: Manar Moursi, Salma Hussein, Hady El Kholy

Off the Gireed -Packaging

The packaging for Off the Gireed was to reflect the values of newly founded Studio Meem. The idea was to create a package that was on an environmentally sustainable material, tease the user with what was to come inside the package, and find ways to allow the user to interact with the packaging itself - through crossword puzzles for example.

Project Team: Manar Moursi & Nourhan Hegazy.