Manar Moursi

In the leftover spaces between and under highway exits, the Nile banks, and metro stations, lie the “Under Siege
Parks” of Cairo. With their dusty pastel colors and Ferris wheels that are visible from a distance, they stand-out
against the monotony of the city. Built in leftover spaces, they are squeezed and seem somehow under siege or
protected from the city, depending on the perspective with which one views them.

In this project, I tried to portray the existing tensions in the city between private and public space by locating
in images the intersections and the borders between the two realms of childlike dreams embedded in these spaces
and the harsh brutal reality that engulfs them. They are part of the vast network of private and informal
initiatives that fuel the life of the streets. My aim was also to show that despite the common idea of a lack of
public space in Cairo, these spaces do exist – maybe resist - plentifully in a variety of forms and settings.
Wrestled from the city, the under siege parks are capsule of dreams that come in different shapes and sizes, always
a bit dusty.