Manar Moursi

Making "Sense": In Search of Lost Weather was my thesis project at Princeton University. The project situated
itself within the discourse of ennui and investigated through literary representations the implications of ennui on
interior spaces. From the ennui of the late 19th century flaneur to the blasé of the late 20th century - to finally
the constant state of distraction of the 21st century voyeur - this project investigated a comprehensive glossary
of terms related to ennui.

One of the terms of the glossary was “repetition”. Investigating the repetitive led to the program of an office,
hospital or hotel where one room is repeated at infinitum. The site of choice was John Portman's Mariott Marquis
on Broadway in Times Square. The spaces of my intervention occupy an entire floor plate of the hotel. 9 different
themes: spectral, aural, surveillant, fragrant, textural, humid, thermal and filtered - with 7 variations occupy
the 63 rooms of the entire floor plate. The rooms were imagined to become constructed environments that sometimes
celebrate the mechanical spaces that operate them. They were grouped and oriented thematically. The project
amplified weather and created spaces that modified the monotonous sensory repetition of the rooms of a typical hotel
/office/hospital: thus altering the interior of the generic city.