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Contradictory relationships between harsh and tender, rough and soft, noisy and quiet, threatening and protecting shed an important light on the integral yet contrasting relationship between man and nature. Built around a symbolic relationship between man – represented through architecture – and his natural habitat, the building seeks to embellish and exaggerate the surreal contrasts which exist in the external world. In a program which invites understanding of nature’s most severe and fearful sides, visitors will also experience the more serene side of nature. The buildings’ levels are organized hierarchically to relate to nature with, “earth”, “air” and “sky” levels.
Vertical and horizontal gaps will interweave the natural with the architectural. Vertically, we separated the building base (Earth Level) from its top (Sky Level) to create the in-between space (Air Level). Horizontally, a net of natural corridors piercing through the depth of the Earth Level (Arteries of plants and air) were created. People can be close to nature too at the heart of the sky level because of the punctures on the floor plate of the sky level (Holes of Light and Rain). Therefore, while the visitors will experience nature’s severe and harsh changes inside the experiential boxes, they will always be able to experience nature’s enjoyable subtle changes while moving around the boxes at all levels.
This project was shortlisted for a Thyssen Krupp Elevator Award.

Project Team: Manar Moursi, Omar Rabie, Hesham Yusri, George Talaat, Hesham Sharara,
Hady el Khouly, Rafik Adel, Omar Etman, Ahmed Abuhindia